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Curriculum Maps by Class

Please see below for our termly curriculum maps for each class.

As Nursery and KS2 are structured in mixed age classes, we operate a two yearly rolling programme to ensure progression as the children move through the school. These are referred to as 'Year A' and 'Year B'.


Nursery ANursery Aut B
Nursery Spr ANursery Spr B
Nursery Sum ANursery sum B

Diamond Class (Reception)

Rec Aut
Rec Spr
Rec Sum

Opal Class (Year 1)

Opal Aut
Opal Spr
Opal Sum

Sapphire Class (Year 2)

Sapphire Aut
Sapphire Spr
Sapphire Sum

Emerald Class (Year 3/4)

Emerald AutumnEmerald Autumn
Emerald SpringEmerald Spring
Emerald SumEmerald Sum

Amethyst (Year 4/5)

Amethyst AutAmethyst Aut
Amethyst SprAmethyst Spr
Amethyst SumAmethyst Sum

Topaz (Year 5/6)

Topaz AutTopaz Aut
Topaz SprTopaz SprBack to curriculum
Topaz SumTopaz Sum
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